Picture for the news Qatar Post Smart Lockers
Picture for the news Qatar Post Smart Lockers

Qatar Post Smart Lockers

Change the way you receive your parcels, not your lifestyle!

The Smart Locker is a secure storage space that you can collect your parcel from any time, day or night.
Qatar Post electronic Smart Lockers that are accessible 24/7 in most locations, meaning no more queues or waiting in, enabling customers to collect at their earliest convenience.
All Qatar Post 10 lockers are located at a variety of safe and secure locations, including Ain Khalid Gate, Villaggio Mall, Al Khor Post Office, General Post Office West Bay (Parking area), Al Wakra Hospital, Dukhan Post Office, Al Rayyan Post Office, Royal Plaza (basement), Woqod Petrol Station Legtaifiya and Woqod Petrol Station Wadi Al Banaat

Why choose Qatar Post Smart Lockers?
  • *Convenient lockers accessible 24/7 (except Ain Khalid 6am-11pm)
  • *Quick and easy to use
  • *Safe and secure

How it works:

Easy steps to enjoy the convenience of using Qatar Post Smart Lockers delivery Points:
  • * When ordering online through our CONNECTED website choose one of our Smart Lockers as your delivery option within the checkout.
  • * Once your item will be delivered to the locker of your choice you will receive an SMS and or/ Email with a opening PIN code to use (PIN1 and PIN2).
  • * Simply use the pin codes that you received via SMS and/or email and follow the instructions on the touch screen.
  • * Collect your parcel within 48 hours

Qatar Post Smart Lockers Locations:

All Qatar Post 10 lockers are located at a variety of safe and secure locations, below are the exact locations.

Access Location Street Name Zone Steet Building No
6am -  11pm Ain Khalid Gate(Club House) Khalid bin Ahmed St 56 480 165
24/7 Villaggio Mall (between Gate 3 & 4) Al Waab St 54 364 660
24/7 Al Khor Post Office Dakhira St 74 211 19
24/7 Al Wakra Hospital (main entrance) Al Wukair St 90 760 26
24/7 General Post Office West Bay Al Corniche St 60 865 25
24/7 Dukhan Post Office Dukhan Road 86 0 0
24/7 Al Rayyan Post Office Al Furousiya St 55 280 258
24/7 Royal Plaza (basement) Al Sadd St. 38 343 26
24/7 Woqod Petrol Station Legtaifiya Umm Al-Seneem St 66 820 -
24/7 Woqod Petrol Station Wadi Al Banaat Arab league St. 70 800 404

How to open your locker

We will send you an email and SMS as soon as your parcel is placed in the locker.
Go to the touchscreen display at your nominated Smart locker location and follow the instructions:
  1. * To activate the screen - touch the display
  2. * Select “Pick up your items” button.
  3. * Enter your PIN 1 code and “confirm”.
  4. * Enter your PIN 2 code and “confirm”.
  5. * Wait for the locker door to open
  6. * Pick up your items.
  7. * Close the locker door.
Once your parcel arrives at locker, you'll have 48 hours to collect it. If you can't get to the parcel locker in time, we'll move it to the nearest Qatar Post branch and let you know the details via SMS and email notification.

What can't be delivered to Smart Lockers?

Below are the few things that can't be delivered though our Smart Lockers network:
  • * Letters and standard mail that can be delivered to your P.O. Box
  • * Express Post letters
  • * Parcels larger than 36 x 44 x 61cm
  • * Parcels heavier than 31.5kg
  • * Parcels that require signature along with ID card
  • * Parcels where there is a payment required on delivery
  • * Parcels that are damaged or unsuitably packaged
  • * Parcels containing perishables

For more information please contact our customer Service team by simply dialling 104 or on +974 4406 9928 if you are calling from outside Qatar.


Q: How will I know when I have a parcel ready for collection in the chosen smart locker?
A: When a parcel is placed in a smart locker, you’ll receive SMS and/or email (if requested), to let you know that your item is ready to collect.

If the parcel isn’t collected:
•after 24 hours, you’ll be sent a reminder email and/or SMS
•after 48 hours, the parcel will be redirected to Qatar Post branch and you’ll receive a notification via email and/or SMS

Q: How do I unlock my smart locker?
A: To unlock your smart locker, simply follow the touch-screen prompts on the console at the smart locker location.

Q: How long do I have to pick up my parcel from a smart locker?
A: From the time a parcel enters the smart locker, you have 48 hours to collect it. You’ll receive email and/or SMS when the parcel is placed in the locker and a reminder email and/or SMS 24 hours before it’s due to be removed.

Q: What happens if I can't pick up a parcel from my smart locker within the allowed 48 hour timeframe?
A: If your parcel isn’t collected from a smart locker within 48 hours, it will be removed from the smart locker and transferred to the nearest Qatar Post branch offering parcel collection during business hours. We’ll notify you by email and/or SMS that your parcel has been moved, where to collect it, and the operating hours for that branch. You'll then have 21 days to pick up your parcel.

Q: What types of mail items can't be sent to my smart locker?
A: See using your smart locker for complete details of items that can and can't be sent to smart lockers.