Picture for the news Qatar Post Modern System in 2018

Qatar Post Modern System in 2018

Faleh Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Qatar postal services and managing director revealed that Qatar post will write a new look in 2018, pointing to direct future development strategy and the completion of 30% of its infrastructure. He said during an exclusive interview with the economic Raya that next September will see the localization connected service launched by the company in April as well as the opening of China and Japan market within the expanding Qatar Post business in foreign countries, as well as work to promote trade and commerce through the postal parcels between Qatar and the GCC-mail via the "Gulf Express" product. Regarding the packages contained by connected service Naimi stressed achieve an important number in this aspect where he said that there was delivery of 3033 parcels through this past period as well as the achievement of more than 8,200 subscribers in service connected since its inception. On the website of the company Naimi said the past months have seen a shift in the services and information the website of the company, particularly as it is one of the most important gateways implementation of the company's services and reflects the progress made by the services to the public, pointing out the company's efforts to improve the site tools and possibilities on an ongoing basis to accommodate new services launched by the company from time to time. On the e-commerce said Naimi that provide these services from the future goals of the company for 2018 will be to activate the electronic trade after the completion of the infrastructure of the postal services to develop and implement the strategy its own and pointed out that the electronic sphere of trade and broad and large, and one of these ways are connected Service launched by the company. Al-Naimi noted that the rate of increase of packages in Qatar has increased by only 40% per annum of the China market, and this is important to improve this service in today's world, which has become a small village Asked oriented services e-cash and not keep pace with development, Naimi said, some believe that the Postal Service just deliver messages and this is a mistake to believe that the e-community service, aimed at increasing people communicate with each other, making messaging a part of the work of the post. Al-Naimi pointed out that many of the accomplishments achieved by the Qatar-post during the last period in which the customer may not see at the moment for being established for future stage, and new postal services, which will be visible in a year or two, especially as the toughest stages are the foundation and building the infrastructure for this strategy It has been achieved 30% of its infrastructure.